BUY and SELL physical GOLD in one click

Buy and sell physical gold instantly in the click of a button – the price you see is the price you pay - NO HIDDEN FEES

Monte Carlo Gold has developed a proprietary technology platform granting it access to physical gold via a user-friendly portal feeding a live ‘bid’ / ‘offer’ price of gold.

Your gold, represented by a digital ownership or vault certificate, is held securely in your mobile wallet, enabling both retail and institutional Clients to buy and sell gold 24/7 in a highly liquid market, or transfer the ownership of the gold instantly, and redeem the physical gold if needed

All gold is allocated in the name of the client on the ledger at time of purchase. Itemized transactions of every trade are captured ‘real-time’ in an itemized .pdf or .csv spreadsheet

Unlike an ETF or derivative product of gold, MCG offers ownership of the physical metal held in secure storage at the Royal Canadian Mint, so you own your Gold.

MCG will launch a EMV Debit Card linked to the MCG wallet enabling the live spend of digital assets, like gold, via the Visa or Mastercard network

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Gold Use Cases

Sources of gold demand

Gold has emotional, cultural and financial value and different people across the globe buy gold for different reasons, often influenced by a range of national socio-cultural factors, local market conditions and wider macro-economic drivers.

Gold’s diverse uses, in jewellery, technology and by central banks and investors, mean different sectors of the gold market rise to prominence at different points in the global economic cycle. This diversity of demand and self-balancing nature of the gold market underpin gold’s robust qualities as an investment asset.

World gold demand

Over the last decade, demand for gold has moved East. This has been driven not only by cultural affinity, but also by wealth creation and income growth in some of the world’s most dynamic and rapidly growing economies.


In China, gold is often gifted to younger members of the family for special occasions, and there is a tradition of giving gold to new born babies in the form of tiny necklaces or bracelets. Gold also has a special place in the Chinese New Year when ornate pieces of jewellery in 24 carat, often featuring zodiac symbols are purchased for their investment value as well as their beauty.


India is one of the largest markets for gold, and growing affluence is driving growth in demand. Gold has a central role in the country’s culture, considered a store of value, a symbol of wealth and status and a fundamental part of many rituals.


The US market for gold jewellery has shifted away from mass-market gold sales and is enjoying a renaissance at the high-end with the growth of designer gold jewellery brands. Weddings are a major driver of American demand for gold jewellery today.


Turkey, perhaps better than anywhere else, illustrates the broad role gold can play in modern society. Gold is embedded in Turkish life: merchants pioneered the use of gold coins in ancient Lydia, and today gold plays an important and innovative role in Turkey’s economy.

Courtesy of the World Gold Council

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Frequently Asked Questions

MCG has a strategic alliance with Dillon gage preciouis metals in Texas, who are one of the few precious metals companies with access to the major mints of the world like the US Mint and  the Royal Canadian Mint in Canada. All gold backing each MCG  will always be 99.999% Fine Gold. The unique reference ID linked each MCG purchase will tell you the location of your gold backing your MCG. 

This refers to the purity of the gold, in this case it is 99.99% pure and is the purest form of gold available and is often referred to as Fine Gold. It is also known as 24 karat gold. Conversely, the standard London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) gold bar weighs around 400 troy ounces and has a minimum purity of 995.0 parts/ thousand gold, being less pure at 99.50%. 22 karat gold refers to gold that is only 91.67% pure. The US Gold Eagle, for example, contains 91.67% gold, 3% silver, and 5.33% copper. The South African Kruger Rand, contains 91.67% Gold and 8.33% copper

At time of purchasing MCG, the transaction confirmation details, date & time of transaction, price, currency, location, and purchasers’ details are recorded on the ledger of MCG and reconciled with the ledger and allocated on the ledger in the name of the client

An owner of allocated gold is the outright owner of a certain amount of physical gold. Unallocated gold remains the property of the bank or mint – the investor is essentially a creditor of the bank or mint.

Yes. Your gold is allocated to you on the ledger at time of purchase. The ledger of the Royal Canadian Mint is recognised as “Good Title” by the Canadian Government. “Good Title” means that in the unlikely event that MCG went bankrupt or ceased to exist, your gold belongs to you and will be protected.

Refer to the FAQ What happens to my gold if MCG goes bankrupt?“ for more information

Your physical gold is held securely in the Royal Canadian Mint and your ownership title is represented by the amount of MCG you own. Your gold is allocated on the ledger in your name at the Royal Canadian Mint meaning it is owned by MCG customers. You are the owner of your gold. In the unlikely event that MCG went bankrupt or ceased to exist, the holders of MCG will have 2 options available to them – 1) to sell their MCG back into fiat money of their choice at the live price of gold at time of selling 2) to redeem the MCG for physical metal and take physical delivery of their gold.  Please refer to the link  and follow the procedure. MCG works with the precious metals broker Dillon Gage who will assist in this regard

All gold backing each MCG  is 99.99% pure. This means it is considered as Fine Gold, the highest purity that exists. Its purity is typically graded using a scale of millesimal fineness. As 100% pure gold is essentially impossible to achieve, this is the purest type of gold commercially available.

The Royal Canadian Mint carries out a daily audit of the Gold held in their mint on behalf of Monte Carlo Gold users. The Royal Canadian Mint is a Crown corporation, operating under the Royal Canadian Mint Act. The shares of the Mint are held in trust for the Crown in right of Canada. The Mint produces all of Canada’s circulation coins and manufactures circulation coins on behalf of other nations.

To register to buy MCG you simply log into the MCG website (Log in to MCG) and follow the instructions to ‘sign up’. You will be guided through the registration process and required to give some personal information and to supply some documents. This is known as a ‘KYC or ‘Know Your Customer’, a procedure that is required by law. Once all has been received and approved you will be able to load money into your wallet.

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